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The individualized service Hamptons Fine Homes LLC provides its Sellers is the cornerstone of our business. No two properties are alike, nor are the personalities of any two Sellers similar enough to engage in a working relationship with exactly the same priorities. To develop the most effective approach to sell a property, we devote the time and personal attention to each individual Seller, and create a unique plan for that Seller on a case-by-case basis. Special requirements, regarding the property itself, as well as on the personal level, are addressed and incorporated into the comprehensive consultation process.

Our theory of personalized service is carried out in every aspect of our brokerage. For example, Hamptons Fine Homes LLC advertises its exclusive listings on full page ads, one property at a time…showcasing each individual property, rather than promoting the agency, or a compilation of its inventory. We're involved in all phases of the selling process…beginning with market positioning the product (your property) to efficiently find the best ready-willing-and-able purchaser, and culminating in the passing of title from Seller to Buyer. Hamptons Fine Homes LLC takes to heart the fiduciary responsibility we have to our Seller Clients.

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