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Marketing Strategies

Hamptons Home Value: CMA

On your behalf, Hamptons Fine Homes LLC will address a myriad of considerations you may have when selling your home or business. For instance, how to put your best foot forward, and show your property from its most valuable perspective. Or, what time of the year might be the most favorable for selling your property. What should you consider when renting your home…how will a rental affect its sale ability? Answers to any of these questions should be as individual as you are.

To plan the most efficient selling experience, Hamptons Fine Homes LLC designs its Marketing Plans specific to each property we represent. Each plan will employ those marketing tools and techniques that possess proven track records in successfully selling unique and valuable properties. The purpose of each Marketing Plan is to target, embrace, and subsequently appeal to a specific audience whose lifestyle and tastes would be a good match to ownership of the subject property.

Marketing Plans developed by Hamptons Fine Homes LLC feature a framework which includes many of the following proven marketing applications and tools:

Professional Photography including
Aerials, Virtual Tours, Videos
Descriptive Copy for Ads and Fact Sheets
Internet Presence; including...
    Print Advertising; including...
  • The New York Times
  • The Southampton Press
  • Color Brochures
    Public & Broker Open House(s)
    "Hamptons Fine Homes" Yard Signs

    Don't get lost in the crowded inventory of real estate in the Hamptons. If you, or your property, needs to be pulled from the pack, and the hype…and receive the most personalized, professional, and involved service from your Realtor…call us for an appointment to discuss your options. Hamptons Fine Homes LLC is here for you, as your personal Management Consultant to the comprehensive selling experience. Give us a call. Experience the difference!

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